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Fire Season | Chinese Medicine

I hope you like connection, fun, creativity, and adventure because summer is the season for joyful activities, whatever that means for you. It’s no wonder summer is a favorite season, all that yang energy makes you want to get up and do something.

While joy is the emotion for the season, you want to make sure you’re a balanced joy and not manic. Mania is a condition in which you have abnormally elevated, extreme changes in your mood or emotions, energy level, or activity level.

This can be caused by

  • High levels of stress

  • Sleep issues

  • Drugs/alcohol

Mania is a sign your body is out of balance and could use some support.

Balanced joy is

  • Internal

  • Mainly calm

  • Has a feeling of gratefulness

  • Is peaceful

Fire season means eating more cooling, raw foods to support your seasonal health. I love eating berries, and seafood, and drinking hibiscus water.

Fire is also that spark of creativity, love, humor, and abundance. Set your intentions for all the big fun things and projects that take a lot of energy.

For the associated organs, Fire organs are the

  • Hear

  • Pericardium

  • Small intestine

  • Triple burner (interstitium).

These organs represent joy, protection, discernment, and connection respectfully. This means it’s the optimal time to tune and utilize the height of these energies to make whatever moves in your life you need to make. If you're looking to evaluate where you're at for the new summer fire season, check out my post on 5 Tips to a happy and healthier you and download your Wheel of Life.


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