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Kiya is an amazing healer, I can't say enough good things about her. She really takes the time to listen to you and your body and really cares about helping you reach your health + wellness goals. Every time I leave an appointment I feel relaxed and rejuvenated with actionable steps to heal. I only recommend her for acupuncture and would literally drive hours to see her if I had to.

Brandi V.

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Sunset on the Desert

Meraki Wellness is fantastic. The atmosphere is relaxing, the office is very clean and Kiya is very professional. Not only does she provide excellent service, but she is a great listener and truly cares about helping her clients stay healthy. I highly recommend it.

Meli L.

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Sydney R.

Kiya is a miracle worker and one of the most influential people in my life!! She heals my soul. I started seeing her 2 years ago when I threw my back out and have been going back 1/month for maintenance ever since. I look forward to every session with Kiya because she is such a good listener. She really digs deep to get to the root of every issue I’ve experienced - whether physical, mental or emotional. She’s such a wonderful human and I absolutely recommended her services to anyone!

Tami C.

Kiya has been such a blessing in our lives. She treated my daughter for a neurological issue and I will be forever grateful. We started seeing Kiya when my daughter was about 3 years old. My daughter is EXTREMELY shy around new people and gets anxiety about new places and new things. There was none of this with Kiya, right from the start she made my daughter not only feel comfortable but ENJOYED being with her. She made acupuncture fun and not scary for her.

Jesse W.

I was intimidated by the “needles” initially, but Kiya assured me that I would not feel pain from them. She was right! I felt anything BUT pain! The immediate feeling of tensions and other negatives leaving my body was refreshing, and Kiya’s voice is soothing while she talks me through the process. She listens and truly cares about what is ailing her clients, and works to resolve the issues.

Katie W.

"Kiya has helped me so much with my physical and mental health, and has given me tools to take care of myself along side acupuncture/cupping you (like helping with the other issues I had going into the appointment). Thank you again, Kiya!!"

Dawn V.

"I saw Kiya for some residual pain and discomfort after having surgery. I not only felt immediate results before leaving her office, but I also saw a massive improvement in 3 hours for one of my main concerns. I feel so much better! Thank you Kiya!!!"

Martha C.

"Kiya has been the cherry on the top to my healing journey. I felt how my body started freeing itself to heal as soon as I finished my first session with her. I felt how she let go of whatever preconception of my issues were (like many other health professionals do) and simply listened to my body needs. I never had an acupuncture like this so now I make it part of my health routine, with cupping and gua-sha as well. A healer that came to my life as a true blessing. No matter if you have tried acupuncture in the past or if this is your first time, Kiya will make the world of a difference in your life!"

Joe D.

"I wish there were more stars to give. Kiya has helped me for a variety of things from stress to sports injuries and back pain. She has helped my god children from the time they were born with colds, allergies, teething, etc. She helped a good friend during pregnancy and helped induce her when the time came. She also helped another good friend's dad who is about as grumpy and stubborn as they come... if she can help him she can help anyone. So, I'm very confident recommending her to just about anyone."

Melanie D.

"Kiya is the best! She is so knowledgeable and really listened to my concerns so she could give me the best treatment. I don’t like needles and she made it all ok. She helped with all of the ailments I told her about plus a few I didn’t know I could get help for. If you are looking for an acupuncturist do yourself a favor and book an appointment with this amazing healer!"

Lina B.

"I would like to call Kiya a healer because that's what she really is. The truth is, you walk in through the door and she takes care of you. She cares about making you better. I have come in with a list of things, and her magical hands do the rest. I have gotten acupuncture, Gua Sha, and cupping done. As someone who is new to holistic healing, I wouldn't go back unless I really felt her work help me dramatically. If you are on the fence about alternative healing, I can truly say Kiya is the one to make you believe in the beautiful thing that is Chinese Medicine."

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Ready to embrace your healing power?

Say goodbye to depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue, and insomnia, and get back to living your life.

We strongly believe that you are here to thrive! Not just survive. Our modern lifestyle has caused a major disconnect between mind and body. This is where symptoms of chronic stress, anxiety, depression, mental fog, overwhelm, trouble focusing, emotional imbalance, pain, illness, and fatigue come in, dragging us down. 

Our mission is to empower your mind/body connection to create a healthier and happier life.

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