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TCM & the Subconscious

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has a holistic view of health and wellness and considers the mind and emotions to be an integral part of overall health. TCM recognizes the importance of the subconscious mind in shaping our thoughts, emotions, and behavior, and its influence on our physical health.

According to TCM, the subconscious mind is closely linked to the body's energy system, including the flow of Qi or vital energy. TCM views the mind and body as a unified whole, with mental and emotional imbalances having a direct impact on the body's energy flow and physical health.

In TCM, emotions are seen as a natural response to our experiences and are essential to our health and wellbeing. However, when emotions are not processed or resolved, they can become stuck in the body and disrupt the flow of energy, leading to physical symptoms and disease.

The subconscious mind is a part of the mind that operates below the level of conscious awareness. In TCM, the subconscious mind is believed to play a significant role in health and wellbeing. It is associated with the energy system of the body, and TCM practitioners use various techniques to work with this energy system to restore balance and promote healing.

One of the primary techniques used in TCM to work with the subconscious mind is acupuncture. Acupuncture involves the insertion of thin needles into specific points on the body to stimulate the flow of energy, or qi. According to TCM, these acupuncture points are connected to different organs and systems in the body, as well as to specific emotions and mental states. By stimulating these points, TCM practitioners aim to restore balance and harmony to the body, mind, and spirit.

Another technique used in TCM to work with the subconscious mind is herbal medicine. TCM practitioners use various herbs to restore balance to the body and mind. These herbs are often used in combination with acupuncture to address specific conditions or imbalances.

Other TCM practices, such as meditation, tai chi, and qigong, can also help to work with the subconscious mind. These practices focus on cultivating awareness of the body and mind and can help to reduce stress and promote relaxation. By reducing stress and promoting relaxation, these practices can help to restore balance to the body and mind and promote overall health and wellbeing.

TCM views the subconscious mind as an essential component of overall health and wellness. By addressing emotional imbalances and promoting relaxation, TCM can help to restore balance to the mind-body system, promoting optimal health and wellbeing.


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