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Scottsdale Family Acupuncture
Acupuncture for Life

Welcome to Scottsdale Family Acupuncture, your trusted destination for comprehensive healthcare blending Traditional Chinese Medicine with gold-standard testing methodologies. Specializing in autoimmune and chronic, complex conditions, we offer a holistic approach to wellness that encompasses all ages.

At Scottsdale Family Acupuncture, we understand the intricate nature of health challenges and the importance of personalized care. We are dedicated to providing innovative solutions tailored to your individual needs, ensuring optimal results and long-term well-being.

Whether you're seeking relief from autoimmune disorders, chronic ailments, or simply looking to enhance your overall health, we're here to guide you on your journey to vitality. Take the first step towards a healthier you by booking a complimentary 15-minute consultation. Let's work together to determine if Scottsdale Family Acupuncture is the right fit for addressing your health concerns.


I'm Kiya, and I've been immersed in the world of healing since 2007. My mission is all about helping you and your family live a happy and healthy life. If you want a place you can go to treat your current ailments, prevent health problems, and have natural solutions for every member of you family, then you're at the right place.  

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"Kiya is simply amazing! Doing acupuncture with her is my favorite thing to do. She's so knowledgable, smart, kind, attentive, and cares so much about the healing of her clients. I have recommended her to so many and always feel instant healing when I'm on the table getting a treatment. So grateful to her!"



Nicole M. | Google Review

"Kiya is a miracle worker!!! She has blessed my family in more ways than one. She has helped replenish my breast milk supply and managed my stress by taking care of a plethora of things my infant son was experiencing. My son is doing better than imagined because of Kiya! I cannot recommend her enough!"



Kendall V. | Google Review

"Will never go anywhere else! As soon as anyone in our household shows a sign of sickness we call Kiya. She is so great with our kids. We have seen her for cupping, acupuncture and wellness advice. We highly recommend Kiya!"



Ashley W. | Google Review

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